Counselling for couples
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 
Lao Tzu

Many couples will at some point experience problems in their relationship. Conflict, anger, mistrust or a break down in communication can lead to a loss of trust, resentment, recurrent arguments and withdrawal of intimacy and sex life. It can be painful and challenging to talk things through at home and often not enough to bring about real change. Counselling offers a supportive environment in which to work through your difficulties in a non judgemental place. I support couples to understand each other by improving communication and encouraging couples to communicate honestlyexpress their needs and to discover ways to manage conflicts and disagreements. It’s a space where difficulties can be understood and choices for moving forward become clearer. If you wish to stay together, counselling can help you to create a more fulfilled, thriving relationship. If you plan to separate, it helps you do so with awareness and understanding. I work with all types of couples: married, co-habiting, homosexual, heterosexual and partnerships.

Couples counselling gives you both the opportunity to be heard equally, and to explore your issues and concerns. It’s not about judgement or allocating blame, but rather supporting you to communicate effectively so you can move forward in your relationship.Some of the issues counselling can help with:

  • Communication difficulties

  • Affairs and infidelity 

  • Sexual issues

  • Separation and divorce

  • Parenting difficulties

  • Jealousy and control issues

  • Long-standing disagreements

  • Conflict resolution

  • Infertility problems

  • Major life transitions

  • Financial issues

During our initial session, we will agree a regular weekly session, which will be reserved for you. We may decide together to have a fixed number of sessions, usually between 6 and 12. Sessions end at the appointed time so it is important that you arrive at the scheduled time in order to get the most out of your session. It is important that both parties are present for the session. In the event of only one person attending, the session will not be held but you will be responsible for the full session fee. It is important that equality is maintained within the therapy and seeing one of the parties without the other can create disparity. Couples therapy sessions last for 75 minutes.

Clients come to couples counselling for a variety of reasons. Some are in a crisis after experiencing an infidelity or traumatic event, or because the struggles have become distressing and difficult to bear. Feeling misunderstood, judged, criticised, or unloved can cause partners to become emotionally withdrawn from one another. Couples counselling helps you to develop new ways of interacting, ultimately allowing you and your relationship to evolve and thrive.